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Our approach

Norisco offers a complete lifecycle of IT services: Design, Deploy, Operate and Improve.

So whether you need us to build you a business case, design a new network or manage and maintain your systems, you can trust us to get the job done.

We can start a project together or join at any stage of your IT journey – whatever makes business sense to you. And while we’re flexible, we won’t ever compromise on quality: of our people, our advice, our services or your solutions.

And neither should you.

As a mark of that commitment, and so you know we keep our promises, Norisco an ISO9001 accredited quality management company. And we’re serious about protecting the environment, having invested time and resources in gaining ISO14001.

So however you choose to engage with us, you can do so knowing you’re dealing with a responsible and responsive organisation.


First we listen so we know what you’re trying to achieve.  We ask questions to build a picture of your current environment, your potential roadblocks and your opportunities. Then we design a solution and build you a roadmap that achieves your objectives today, and creates a platform you can build on tomorrow.

We’ll deliver an architectural strategy, transformation road map and everything you need to build a sound business case. More than that, our Design capabilities give you an honest assessment of your vendor options, and how their solutions work in the real world.


At Norisco we offer the complete deployment solution – in the cloud, on premise or hybrid. Our Deploy project management and implementation teams can take care of everything, or will work alongside your internal teams – whatever works best for you.

If you need us to procure your kit, we’ll get you the best deal. We can configure onsite or before we get there, and with security built in from the ground your new solution will always feature the latest firmware and software upgrades.


Whether you opt for a hosted solution or a premise-based deployment, we can manage your entire infrastructure – from connectivity and hardware to applications…and every place in between.

We can host your systems and applications or remotely manage and monitor them through our fully certified Network Operations Center (NOC).

With our range of Operate services, not only will we keep your systems and software up to date and fully optimized, we offer a host of proactive support packages to help you identify and avoid potential issues and make plans for performance upgrades.

Norisco offers our own comprehensive ‘Service Plus’ comprehensive support package, and is a certified Cisco Proactive Support Partner, and certified Cisco SmartCare Partner


We’re committed to helping you achieve continual improvement. Offering indepth audits and regular reviews, through to route analysis and resolution, our Improve capabilities ensure your systems continue to deliver ever-greater through-life value.

So whether we’re patching security vulnerabilities created by ongoing network changes, helping you streamline processes or optimising your applications, our business is making sure your business keeps getting better



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