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Webinar 10/11/15 at 11am: Reduce operational complexity of your storage and improve the time to market for development teams.

Just like 40% of the top Fortune 100 companies who’ve adopted EMC’s XtremIO

During this webinar EMC storage experts will discuss the common scenarios – real storage challenges being faced today – where XtremIO EMC’s leading storage platform offers customers significant commercial and operational benefits.

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10th November 2015 at 11am

Benefits for you?

XtremIO helps companies reduce the total cost of ownership of their traditional storage platforms, reduce operational complexity and improve the time to market for development teams and anyone requiring a faster method of data analytics.

Attend the webinar if you:

  1. Are exploring the possibility of rolling out Virtual Desktop Integration? How do you make the TCO stack up and provide the best user experience during roll out.
  2. Are you looking to reduce and consolidate your storage and database storage capacities?
  3. If you want to reduce your Virtual Server Infrastructure by a factor of 5:1.
  4. Have an ELA (Enterprise License Agreement) based on CPU usage and you want to reduce cost.
  5. Want to increase the utilisation of and reduce the running costs of your Oracle server estate


If you attend the webinar you will be eligible* to be considered for a free IT Transformation Workshop – run with EMC and Norisco – worth over £3000!

*Terms and conditions apply

 Join the webinar and find out why 40% of the top Fortune 100 companies have adopted the platform.


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