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Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is as much about people as it is about operating systems, devices and software – which is why there’s no one size fits all solution. Policy is as important as technology, and personal productivity as relevant as security.

However you choose to implement BYOD, you need to know what devices are on your network, the applications they are accessing, and whether your data is fully protected.

We can help, guiding you through the process; from delivering the most appropriate technologies right through to mapping out the right policies for your business, and your people.

Product focus. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

This is the brain behind BYOD. It’s an all-in-one enterprise policy control platform that enforces security and compliance policies across both wired and wireless networks. It identifies user devices coming on to the network to enable secure access to authorised users from any device, from anywhere. Alongside a host of additional functionality, you can also give visitors secure internet access too.

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